New Design Tests

Our clients and partners have provided us invaluable feedback on our masks.  On this page, we'll share the most popular ideas and how we're working to test them!

Idea #1: Nose bridge to reduce open spaces and fogging of glasses

We just finished our first prototype with a sewn plastic covered wire underneath the other layer of fabric (along with a beautiful new handmade fabric we're considering!).  

+ Fits snugly and eliminates fogging when glasses placed slightly on top of fabric.  Driving just got a lot safer.

+ Adjustable to the user's face.  Not too stiff, not too flimsy.

+ Doesn't have an ugly rectangle on top showing exactly where the nose bridge is located

+It's woven between the fabrics, not stuck on top with a non-durable adhesive strip.

-Slightly too snug, but that might be a result of the headstrap (which will be adjustable soon).

Next steps:

We'll continue making more of these and testing them with two different kinds of nose bridges.  Some issues brought up by customers of other mask companies is how nose bridges respond to washing and if they are either too stiff, too flexible, break in half, or rust.  Our goal is to tackle all of those concerns.

Idea #2: Adjustable straps

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We added a small adjuster that allows for changing the tightness of the straps.  This was a much needed and loved addition!

+ Can definitely feel the difference around the head and ears, much more comfortable

+ They didn't get lost in the washing machine!  We'll continue testing to determine if we recommend removing them before cleaning them.

-No negative sides so far.

Idea #3: Ear straps

Lots of folks want ear straps as an option​.  And we're happy to make it happen!

+ A comfortable fit, and with the nose guard, can be snug as well.  

+Since the straps are adjustable, they won't irritate your ears after all day use.

-We're still not convinced that the mask-hanging-from-the-ear look is the best option when you want to eat or take off the mask.  So maybe including a small face mask storage pack might be interesting?  Send us a message in the chat about what you think!

Idea #4: Different sizes

We're not sure how many sizes yet, but we'll very likely offer around 2 or 3​.  More soon!