Social Impact



Imagine working 8 hours to earn only $1 USD a day. Visualize living in a region where 70% of the population suffers from poverty.  According to INEGI, 10 million Mexicans work as artisans, of which 7 million live in extreme poverty and economic marginalization.  This is a reality in rural Mexican communities. Before the emergence of Covid-19, extreme poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico had already risen to three times the national rate.

As a result, artisans might abandon their craft to migrate and seek any available job, regardless of its precarious nature or low pay. Under these pressures they often devalue their craft because they see it as not financially viable.  The result: perpetual cycles of poverty, increased migration and the separation of families, and the loss of cultural traditions, indigenous languages, and knowledge, among many others.


Now add COVID-19 to the picture, stunting existing sales for many handmade products, such as those of DAVA Artesanal,  typically purchased in person and in great numbers by tourists.  

We're here to help change that through the DAVA Masks project created by Tejiendo Alianzas and DAVA Artesanal, working to create, sell, and donate high quality, safe, and beautiful handmade masks, while supporting communities and families to stay safe during the current pandemic.


Our customer's impact

When you purchase face masks for yourself, you protect jobs in Oaxaca, reduce the pressures to migrate, and keep indigenous families safer in rural Mexican communities during Covid-19 and future pandemics.  The more sustainable sources of employment in rural communities, the greater their vibrance and resilience to change and adversity.


Simply choose the number of masks you want to purchase, the style, and we'll do the rest. 

​You can also send a personalized message to the recipients or the artisans who make them.

Given the infrastructure, spirit of innovation, and network of artisans that work with our family, there are infinite possibilities for new products that celebrate our cultural traditions while providing additional employment.  If you have an idea for a product, contact us!

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Our donor's impact

When you donate face masks, you create employment but also reduce the risk of sickness in rural communities.  Tejiendo Alianzas coordinates with local authorities and families in indigenous rural communities in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, and has already donated hundreds of masks. 

As Oaxaca has over 500 small villages, there is ample need. These in fact are the communities that are the most affected by the Coronavirus because they have less access to public services and products, and less income to cover their basic healthcare needs.


Tejiendo Alianzas ("Weaving Partnerships")

Tejiendo Alianzas (TA), is a Mexican non-governmental organization and authorized charity that collaborates with residents of rural communities in areas of limited economic resources to transform and strengthen local economies, improving quality of life while establishing a replicable model. TA’s model of community development focuses on the incubation of local micro businesses that generate an economic and social impact for residents.


These services include: building capacity among members of local projects in the management and development of their companies; creating and putting into practice a strategy for their formalization and growth; linking them with sales channels in viable markets; and raising funds to support the purchase of machinery and others important materials for the proper functioning of their companies. When these community micro businesses become sustainable, their members decide what percentage of their income they will donate to launch a social or cultural initiative in the same community, while we also raise funds with them. In this way we become partners in local social and economic development.